Which Chainsaw Man Character Are You, Based On Your MBTI Type?

There are characters in Chainsaw Man who fit each of the Myers-Briggs personality types.

The world has been captivated by Chainsaw Man. Thanks to Studio MAPPA’s amazing animation, fans were ecstatic to see their favorite characters for the first time on TV. There are numerous characters in Chainsaw Man, all of them are endearing and memorable in their own right.
It’s intriguing to evaluate characters by comparing and contrasting their enneagram kinds, Zodiac signs, and other personality attribute indicators. Fortunately, Chainsaw Man’s ensemble is so large that, if Devils are included as well, all sixteen Myers-Briggs personality types are represented by the principal characters.

1. Akane Sawatari Usually Prefers Keeping To Herself INFP

Akane Sawatari is a mystery heroine who anime viewers know very little about, but the Season 1 conclusion of Chainsaw Man illuminated a few key facets of her personality. Akane rarely displays her emotions because she prefers to be in control of the situation, but she does do so periodically when under a lot of stress.

As a result of her agreement with the Snake Devil, Akane is perhaps one of the story’s most perilous fighters. Although she is aware of the negative effects of keeping an emotional distance from others, she likes solitude as an INFP. The public is eager to see more of this villain.

2. Kishibe Puts The Concerns And Wellbeing Of His Allies Ahead Of His Own

Kishibe was elevated from his position as Public Safety Devil Hunter at Special Division 1 to become the current captain of the Tokyo Special Division 4. Kishibe comes out as indifferent and apathetic most of the time, but that’s just because he is aware of the dangers of becoming friends with those in his line of business.

And yet, as one might anticipate from an ENFJ, it is pretty obvious that he cares about his friends, coworkers, and subordinates. Kishibe is a strong leader who, whatever the repercussions, prioritizes the needs and welfare of his allies before his own.

3. The Ghost Devil Turns Out To Be An Extremely Reliable Ally ESFJ

In Chainsaw Man Season 1, the Ghost Devil was believed to be the strongest Devil until the Snake Devil nonchalantly sucked in half of its body with a single bite. That being said, there is no question that this entity is incredibly strong, if only due to the widespread fear of ghosts.

Himeno makes the ultimate sacrifice, which the Ghost Devil joyfully accepts, demonstrating that it is subject to the same laws as its fellow creatures. Even if the Ghost Devil may not understand what it means to be an ESFJ, this personality type describes many of its characteristics, such as dependability and practicality.

4. Michiko Radiates An Aura Of Hope And Warmth From Every Pore ENFP

Even though Michiko herself doesn’t know why she feels uncomfortable with Makima, she is one of the very few people who doesn’t like Makima. Michiko, who has had her life and family destroyed by the Gun Devil, joins Aki in becoming a Devil Hunter.
Her logical reasoning is demonstrated by her refusal to even entertain the notion that the Gun Devil can be defeated. Michiko is an ENFP because she exudes warmth and hope from every pore. However, she doesn’t really reveal her genuine personality to most individuals, so those that benefit from her kindness must have earned it.

5. Fushi Is Known For Both His Nonchalant Attitude And Diplomatic Approach to ISFP

Fushi, a supporting character, has already won over fans with his diplomatic approach and laid-back demeanor—a comically uncomfortable combo that nevertheless works for him. However, given how frequently he informs everyone of his purported IQ level of 134, Fushi enjoys the attention.

Nevertheless, he shows his intelligence by refusing to present his friend partner at the “newbie welcoming party.” Fushi is an ISFP, an adventurer with a creative eye and a strong desire to understand everything there is to know about the universe.

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