Was this Makima’s most heinous deed, Chainsaw Man?

Chainsaw Man’s Makima is no stranger to malicious deeds, but is this example of psychological warfare her worst in-series crime to date?

As the main antagonist of Chainsaw Man and one of the most dreaded characters in anime, Makima has left a trail of nefarious crimes in her wake. Denji has been given access to an alarming number of Makima’s wrongdoings so that she can create havoc and advance her own selfish interests. Although she kills with no moral qualms, most of her crimes are physical, but one stands out as her most unbelievable transgression.

Denji defeats Makima in Chapter 96 despite the fact that the odds have always been against him. Denji explains that Makima had a very apathetic attitude toward viewing her peers when Kishibe inquires as to how exactly he managed to get the antagonist to lower her guard. Because of this, Makima never once saw Denji as his own person — only as Chainsaw Man.

1. Denji Admired Makima More Than Anyone

The relationship Denji had with the antagonist is what makes this crime so much more horrific than Makima’s other murders and maimings. When he most needed it, Makima showed him kindness. She spoke to the part of him that most desired praise, approval, and connection because she was graceful and unassuming. Despite his urges to be suggestive, Denji wanted Makima to be his mother. He admired her and saw in her a motherly figure who could, at last, complete the void within of him.

Denji acknowledged that despite everything she had caused him to through, he still had the utmost love and devotion for Makima even after he had slain her. Realizing that he was only appealing to this god-like lady because she wanted to perpetrate such horrors was terrible because the devil hunter believed their relationship to be extremely real. Makima didn’t even consider Denji to be a person, but Denji thought the world of Makima.

2. Makima Didn’t Know What Denji Looked Like

Despite spending so much time together, Makima was unaware of Denji’s appearance. After the encounter, Denji spoke with Kishibe and revealed to his mentor that he had concluded from prior experience and conversations that Makima perceives individuals by her sense of smell. She doesn’t recollect any faces, and she only remembers the distinct fragrances of the persons that caught her attention. Makima thus saw only Chainsaw Man the entire while Denji was adoring her.

As the devil is what made Denji the Chainsaw Hybrid, which meant he wasn’t even differentiated by his own traits, the scent she recalled was Pochita. Denji was never recognized by Makima as Denji; rather, she only ever saw him as a means to an end. Denji was the victim of months of abuse by Makima, who played on his emotions by manipulating him, dangling his goals and dreams in front of him, and making him fall in love with her.

Even though everything Makima did until to this point was wrong and horrible, everything Denji shared with her was a ruse. The most horrible deed Makima committed during Chainsaw Man was to prevent Denji from ever seeing Makima, which is a perfect example of her genuinely nefarious and evil character. Makima is particularly evil since she enjoys psychological warfare, a trait shared by most antagonists who kill people.

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