Chainsaw Man: Who Are the Four Horsemen?

Chainsaw Man’s Four Horsemen are often mentioned as a terrifyingly strong unit, but who are these devils and what are they after?

Denji and his friends in Public Safety Division 4 have encountered many of powerful devils throughout Chainsaw Man. The characters are no strangers to challenging and fearsome foes, whether it be being imprisoned in a hotel by the Eternity Devil or engaging in the unavoidable conflict with the Gun Devil. Some devils, however, are more powerful than these adversaries and possess special abilities that make them very challenging to defeat.

Denji is unaware that he has already encountered two of the Four Horsemen. These devils are frighteningly powerful because they are the offspring of some of humanity’s oldest fears, including War, Famine, Control, and Death. The horsemen are a crucial story component, although it’s unclear what they’re wanting or who they are.

1. Who Are the Four Horsemen?

The Four Horsemen are four of Chainsaw Man‘s most potent devils and with good reason. Because devils are created from human worries, their strength grows stronger the longer a fear persists. The War, Famine, Control, and Death Devils have existed since the dawn of time, making the Four Horsemen nearly as potent as Primal Fears like the Darkness Devil, if not more so.

The four devils may all be identified by their distinctive golden eyes with red rings; however, evading them is not as straightforward. The names of those who were eaten and obliterated by the Chainsaw Devil, such as the Nuclear Weapons Devil and the Nazi Devil, are only remembered by these four demons. The Horsemen are referred to as a group, yet they have little in common and seldom work together. The last time the four worked together was when they were viciously fighting Pochita in hell alongside the Weapons Devil. Sometime after this fight, they rejoined the real world and split up to pursue their separate objectives.

2. Makima Was the Control Devil and Nayuta Is Her Reincarnation

The Control Devil was revealed to be Makima, the first of the Four Horsemen to be introduced in CSM, shocking fans all across the world. Makima broke away from her fellow Horsemen and set out to find Pochita in an effort to use his power to destroy the existence of the others. She was drawn to Denji for this reason and used his deepest wants to manipulate and control him in order to finally use Chainsaw Man’s skills. The Control Devil, however, was never able to achieve her objective since Denji discovered a weakness in Makima’s strength and overcame her before she could. Makima was reincarnated after being consumed herself, and Nayuta is now the new Control Devil.

When Kishibe discovered the Control Devil’s reincarnation, he gave her to Denji to raise. The mentor did this in the hopes that Denji would show Nayuta the affection and connections that Makima was never able to get without supervision. This strategy appears to be effective thus far. Denji is working really hard to put money aside for Nayuta’s schooling, to give her brain a useful outlet, and to raise her as a younger sister to replace the missing family ties Makima had.

3. Yoru Is Chainsaw Man’s War Devil

The War Devil was the second of the Four Horsemen to appear in the series. Yoru’s appearance was changed to resemble a bird after being mauled by Pochita in hell, much like Chainsaw Man’s weakened form (Pochita). Asa, a classmate and prospective love interest for Denji, is currently being used by Yoru as a vessel, taking up half of her brain. Because Yoru is residing in a human host, she is classified as a friend rather than a devil. Asa is still alive and healthy; she is only rarely subjected to Yoru’s abrupt changes. This is an odd phenomenon because fiends can normally only gain control over human corpses.

While being a fiend does lessen the War Devil’s power, it’s the most advantageous approach for her plan. Yoru is trying to find Chainsaw Man and is aware that the hybrid is a student at Asa’s high school, so being undercover and taking on her appearance makes sense for the operation. The War Devil is seeking Chainsaw Man because she wants to force him to vomit up the forgotten Nuclear Weapons Devil, bringing this fear back to humanity.

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