Chainsaw Man: Nayuta May Expose Asa’s Secret

Asa is hiding her alias as the War Fiend from Denji — will Nayuta see right through her when they meet?

Denji and Asa went on a date in recent Chainsaw Man chapters, but it didn’t go as either of them had intended. The two became imprisoned in an aquarium, and in order to free them, Asa had to purchase the facility and transform it into a weapon using the War Devil’s abilities. Yoru, the War Fiend utilizing Asa’s body as a vessel, killed the Eternity Devil with the weapon when Denji was cooing over a penguin in the street. Denji somehow managed to miss all of this and is still blissfully ignorant of Asa and Yoru’s secret. Chainsaw Man believed that “Denji Spinal Cord Sword” was only Asa’s original manner of saying farewell, even when the latter attempted to use him as a weapon. Denji’s ignorance, however, might only last for a short while because the couple’s second date will be a movie night at his house, where Nayuta is presently staying.

1. Nayuta Is One of the Four Horsemen

Nayuta is the Control Devil, making her one of Chainsaw Man’s Four Horsemen, just like her predecessor Makima. These four devils are equally potent to the Primal Fears and recall the names of other devils that Chainsaw Man removed, such as the Nuclear Weapons Devil. The Control Devil, Famine Devil, War Devil, and Death Devil are these Four Devils. The Four Horsemen have long since split up since, despite occasionally cooperating, they do not seem to be a cohesive organization as each member has separate objectives.

Three of the Four Horsemen have been introduced thus far in the series. With Nayuta being her reincarnation, Yoru being the War Devil, and Famine working covertly in Denji and Asa’s high school, Makima’s true identity was made clear in Chapter 75. Their ringed yellow-orange eyes are what make all three of them stand out, but that is the extent of their similarity. Makima wanted to make the other horsemen vanish, Yoru wants to resurrect the Nuclear Weapons Devil, and Famine’s motivations are still unknown.

2. Famine Calls Yoru Her Little Sister

The Famine Devil, also known as Fami, is a fiend who, like Yoru, is in control of a human vessel. When the devil first appears, it’s to aid Asa in rescuing Yuko, a student who struck a pact with the Justice Devil. She says she would do anything for her little sister and asks Asa if she wants her to make sure her pal survives. It can be assumed that these devils refer to themselves as a family because Yoru and Fami are also Four Horsemen. If so, Asa and Yoru’s secrecy could be in danger. The War and Control Devils will reunite for the first time in years when she goes on her next date with Denji and meets Nayuta. If her memories weren’t changed when she was resurrected, Nayuta will probably identify her sister in the same way as Fami did. The Control Devil will be able to look right through Asa and learn what Denji was unaware of. As a result, Nayuta might divulge Yoru’s identity to Denji, thwarting the War Devil’s scheme and possibly jeopardizing his and Asa’s friendship.

After the emotional torment he went through in Part 1 of CSM, Denji’s love life is only now starting to look up. Fans are holding their breath as they wait to see what will happen next because he and Asa had time to grow their love when they were stranded in the aquarium. Asa appeared to be the right person for Denji, but Nayuta could change all of this in the next Chapter 119.

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